A closer look into the controversial social media post shared by ‘Mandalorian’ supporting star, Gina Carano and the uncomfortable triumph of Cancel Culture.

Following controversial social media posts, actor Gina Carano has been confirmed to no longer be a part of the popular Disney+ series, The Mandalorian. A spokesperson for the Star Wars series’ production company stated, “Carano is not currently employed by Lucasfilm and there are no plans for her to be in the future. Nevertheless, her social media posts denigrating people based on their cultural and religious identities are abhorrent and unacceptable.”

The main backlash came from an instagram post shared via the actor’s IG story earlier that same day. The post, seems to originate from Warrior Priest Gym and Podcast’s…

‘Thor: The Dark World’ isn’t a terrible film but could’ve benefitted from building more drama between its secondary characters.

In director Alan Taylor’s Thor: The Dark World, set a year after the events of Avengers, Thor has returned his brother Loki as a prisoner to Asgard, along with the tesseract. The God of Thunder then stays on to fulfill responsibilities to his kingdom; restoring order and peace to The Nine Realms. Meanwhile on Earth, astrophysicist Dr. Jane Foster has relocated to London and encounters anomaly portals which open between worlds at an abandoned warehouse due to an approaching inter-realm event known as the convergence. Entering one of these portals, Dr. …

How an Underdeveloped Superman Story is its Own Kryptonite

(Warning: spoilers on deck)

So I rewatched Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel film recently, to see if time had improved the story for me— You know, in case the 2013 film was too ahead of it’s time and slow pokes like myself just needed a few years to come around. But no, either I’m still slower than a rolling bullet or the film is leaping twice as higher than the building it’s trying to get over (and still not making it across).

Let me start out by admitting I’m not the biggest Zack Snyder fan — In fact, of all…

A short story.

Stocktrek Images, Inc. / Alamy

Have you heard the story about the Moon crashing into Earth? Of course, it was so very long ago. Far back before any of us were born — One might even say it was Earth before Earth — Nothing like the familiar home we know today. No trees, no atmosphere, and no oceans; just a fiery patchwork party of gas and cosmic dust. The moon too, in a somewhat previous life, much different than the glowing ally we see in our night sky. In fact, not a moon at all but a planet named Theia, according to…

Louisville Metro Interim Chief of Police, Robert Schroeder.

Last month, acting Louisville Metro Chief of Police, Robert Schroeder fired one of the three police officers involved in the death of Breonna Taylor. The 26-yr old Louisville ER technician was fatally shot when a drug investigation centered on an entirely separate neighborhood, implicated her address. The implication has increasingly become controversial; not only were no drugs found at Taylor’s home but Detective Joshua Jaynes, who requested the no-knock warrant, did so with misleading information. …

Recóndito is the latest album from Argentine ambient-electronic music composer, Diego Masarotti, AKA Dyb. The emotive six-songs (plus remix) submerge to explore “those feelings that we keep very deep, in a very reserved and dark corner,” as the artist himself describes the project on his Bandcamp page. Accomplished through introspective melodies, an array of drone synths, minimal drum programming and processed glitches. But the workhorse of Recóndito is perhaps, how all these elements infuse to stitch the impression of a search. A quest within, likely one that neither the creator nor listener was fully prepared for.

Personally, I’m obsessed with…

Note on title: I really love how Jay Electronica says “sleep well” as opposed to “sleeping well” on A.P.I.D.T.A

I swear if I ever get to sleep good again, I won’t tell a soul. Its a treasure worth keeping secret.

I feel like as soon as I bragged on it, good sleep went away. I should’ve known better tho — It was suspicious to begin with, that among the widespread reaction to COVID19, my sleep would improve. Fun fact about me: I freak out when I’m the only one freaking out. …

An analysis of the themes & characters within Blade Runner 2049 as a legacy sequel.

In the major film industry, remakes, reboots, and sequels have dominated box offices for over ten years now. As of much more recent, a new trend has been to add sequels to films or franchises that left off more than a decade ago. Examples include, Tron Legacy, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, and within the last five years, Mad Max: Fury Road, three new Star Wars installments (plus two prequel/midquel spin-offs) and The Incredibles. They’re sometimes referred to as the Legacy Sequels. For major Hollywood studios, its partly a conversation of money, as its financially less risky to produce films…

In Considering Inconsideration

Images by Primitive Prime! Labs

The Flatbush/Brooklyn College bound number 2 train was held in the station by a resistant red signal. Often is this the inevitability for the frequent NYC commuter. “Once the signal clears, we will proceed,” announced the non-assuring conductor via the intercom system.

This was a Saturday morning — The AM rush had dissolved. One could tell by the immediate inventory of unoccupied seats, far outnumbering the 10-or-so riders. Tucked into the quiet variety, it was one of those hush commutes where no one was standing, most people were adults, mind-deep in their own business and riding alone…

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